Health Benefits of a Green Juice Diet

The Many Hidden Health Benefits of a Green Juice Diet

Oysters. Chocolates. Green juice?

Out of all the supposed aphrodisiacs in the world, you wouldn’t think that a healthy and thirst-quenching mix of green vegetables and other nutrients would make the list.

But it should, because green juices actually pack more than just a flavorful and healthy punch.

They also drive heightened desires in the bedroom.

Green is Hot

green juice diet for weight loss

Recent surveys have revealed that while 28 percent of Americans find green juice to be “scary looking,” two-thirds of those surveyed believed that drinking produce is very convenient.

Green juices and the health benefits of Green Juice diets have become so popular that even coffee retail giants are selling them.

But while a majority of people who drink green juice do so to lose weight, boost their immune system, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, nutrition specialists indicate that a green juice diet could also be used to stoke the fires of romance.

It seems that you needn’t spend a whole lot of money to get things going in the bedroom. Forget decadent dinners with oysters and anything exotic or even expensive pills.

You and your partner can simply whip out the blender and toss in a mix of stalks of celery, cucumber, kale, and herbs with coconut milk or aloe vera juice — and you are good to go, so to speak.

Physician and TV host, Dr. Oz, even has his version of green juice for better bedroom performance: apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, ginger root with lemon and lime.

Produce is for Passion

But what’s the connection? Why are green vegetables so instrumental in improving your performance in the bedroom?

Other than maintaining your sexy and healthy body, green vegetables contain the right minerals and nutrients that boost male and female hormones, raise libido, and even improve endurance. Here’s what makes passion-inducing produce so effective.

  • Asparagus – Rich in folate, which regulates histamine production. Histamine, remember this, is a chemical released when you reach that desirable peak of satisfaction.
  • Celery – Contains androsterone, a pheromone that affects the behavior of your receiving partner.
  • Kale – High in zinc (like the well-known aphrodisiac, oysters) so it is considered the go-to green veggie for boosting desire.
  • Cucumber – Delivers added hydration, boosting endurance and stamina — two essential elements that make your performance unforgettable.
  • Carrots – Increase female satisfaction because they are rich in vitamin A.

Of course, your green juice would not be complete without a zest, squeeze, or hint of herbs and spices.

These ingredients not only make dieting with green juice healthy and tasty but they also further raise the heat between the sheets: ginger (improves blood flow and reduces free radicals); lemon (helps your body stay in shape); turmeric (maximizes desire and blood flow), and nutmeg (a known aphrodisiac), to name a few.


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